Best Shock Collar for Husky in 2021

best shock collar for husky

Dog training with a shock collar works better than using static corrections to address the negative behavior of your huskies. This article will review the three best shock collar for husky as your references in buying the best collar.

Shock collars can be used to change a dog’s behavior without causing pain or discomfort. If a stressed dog gets painful tremors on the neck, it is likely to become more stressed and amplify its voice and destructive behavior. Shock collars are used when excessive barking is a normal and complex behavior in dogs, which means that there are many possible reasons why they act that way.    

Shock collars can be used to reinforce behaviors that the dog knows how to correct when it disobeys or adopts undesirable behaviors with low levels of stimulation.

Dog trainers agree that positive reinforcement training focuses on the behaviors we expect from our dog. By allowing him to earn rewards, he will replicate those behaviors. Instead of first teaching the dog the commands, we use the shock collar to get the dog’s attention, much like your phone’s vibrations when someone calls you.

It Is Okay to Use Shock Collar

Remember that using a shock collar does not make you a bad pet parent, and shock collars do not mean that you torment your dog by using low or non-shock values. A shock administered by a shock collar is safe because it is sufficient to alert your dogs and deter certain behaviors. It does not cause permanent physical harm.

For example, many shock collars emit a beep or vibration warning before the actual shock is passed on to your dog. Boundary training as an electric or wireless fence shock tape triggers when a wire is placed along the property boundary, and the dog learns where to go when it reaches the boundary. In addition, most shock collars have several levels of enforcement where you can set a level of reprimand for undesirable behavior.

Contrary to what many pet owners believe, most of today’s collars don’t shock your dog. Instead, they provide some stimulation, be it a beep, noise, vibration or static pulse, to attract your dog’s attention while it is with you.

If you are looking for the best dog collar, you have a lot of choices. Today we will highlight the three best shock collar for husky.

Best Shock Collar for Husky

1. NVK Dog Training Collar


  1. Training Mode: Shock, vibrate, and beep are among the three training modes available on the remote training collar.
  2. Waterproof Collar: This training collar’s receiver is made of water-resistant IPX7 material.
  3. Magnetic Charging Port: The magnetic charging port will improve the receiver’s waterproofing performance.
  4. Keypad Lock: The remote can be carried with confidence and can avoid unintended misoperation.
  5. Long-Lasting Battery: A dog training collar with a long-lasting battery guarantees that your dog is well trained.

Review by Teresa Mayer

My husky is 5-year-old and weighs almost 60 pounds. I just had to use the beeping and vibration settings on this for my husky, but I had tried everything else to get her to quit jumping on people before I got this collar. We removed her front paws’ claw, but the issue is that when she leaps on people, she grabs their arms and cuts them up. We set it to beep when we first put it on her.

It’s a low beep that seemed to irritate her at first, but she quickly recovered. I’d say the beeping affected her for nearly a week. She almost instantly stopped after we changed the mode to vibration. She would sometimes leap on us, such as when we barely pressed the button, and she felt that and instantly stop.

We turned off the collar while she was still wearing it. She’ll come up to us wagging her tail when we get home or if anyone comes over, but she won’t jump. We kept it on her in case something went wrong, but it seems to be working. However, I’m relieved that it has come to a halt at the vibration setting, indicating that the collar was effective in assisting her in stopping.

in my opinion, this the the best shock collar for husky of mine.

Review by Daniel Wallace

The instruction manual is straightforward and very easy to use. You can fully charge both the remote and the collar in under 20 minutes, and the battery life on both devices is still at 100% after three days. Any sound from a commotion will drive my husky insane (laughter, singing, playing, anything would make her bark and spin crazy circles going ballistic).

Her head turned in wonder when I put the collar on her and checked the vibration. She freaked out when I checked the shock at level 10 (as the manual recommends because the shock will go up to level 99). I was worried, so I tried the level 10 shock on myself, which I found tolerable. 

So I set it to level 02 out of 99, and it’s a little weak, but it works for her.

It’s light, and I tuck it in as tightly as I would a regular collar, and the weight and fit don’t bother her at all.

She has been a lot calmer after I put the collar on her and tested it. I’ve had to use vibration on her twice now, and she calms down immediately, so this was a great buy! I expected it to take some time for this to work in terms of training her out of her fits, but just wearing the collar has humbled her significantly. This purchase has exceeded my expectations.

Review by Clyde Layton

Here’s my impartial update after a few days of use. The collar’s battery is still going strong. After Day 3, the collar’s battery life dropped one bar. The charging process was speedy. The shock levels are incredibly high. No, I haven’t put the shock levels to the test. But even a level 2 is enough to get our 50-pound husky’s attention.

We’ve had to raise it to level 14 when we go on walks because he gets too excited when he hears other dogs start barking. If everything else fails, the 10% shock increment will be effective.

We don’t have to use the shock collar on my husky at home. The beep sound comes first, followed by the vibration. It has changed our dog in the three or four days we’ve had it. He no longer bolts from the house; instead, he waits at the stairs until we have finished ascending; he is no longer obnoxious with our children; instead, he comes and sits when called.

He knew many simple commands, but he just listened when he felt like it, which isn’t always the most comfortable situation.

He sleeps without the collar on. With the covers given, we have covered the prongs for safety. After a few days of wear, the collar does get a little loose due to him being a dog, scratching his head, rubbing his collar, and so on.

We haven’t removed the straps and use the holders to prevent the extra length from bothering him. The slide lock feature is one of my favourites. We keep the shock button locked now because our 3-year-old accidentally pushed it one day. As dog owners, this is by far the best gift we’ve ever purchased.

2. Slopehill Dog Training Collar


  1. There are five different training styles to choose from, all of which are safe and effective. Beep, flash, 0–99 levels of vibration, 0–99 levels of shock, and key lock mode are all available.
  2. An electric dog collar that is waterproof. The training collar receiver is waterproof to ip68, making it ideal for your pets to go swimming and play games outdoors. It has three channels for optimum power. With just one remote transmitter, the Slopehill dog training collar will train up to three dogs.
  3. The remote has a long-range and long battery life. The receiver and the remote are both rechargeables. Wireless control with a range of up to 850 yards.
  4. The collar strap adjusts from 8 to 26 inches in length and suits dogs weighing 5 to 140 pounds.

Review by Inez Spencer

To begin, I’d like to state that I’ve owned a number of remote training collars that have failed to meet my standards. It happens again and again. The other collars didn’t work well and would always break, stop working, or shock my 70-pound husky. I hadn’t found a best shock collar for my husky that was truly amazing until I came across this one.

The Slopehill dog training collar not only does as it says, but it also goes above and beyond our standards, in my view. It has several different settings that allow you to monitor the frequency of the current used to train a dog. I like how you can choose between a light, a vibration, beeping, and shocking function.

The Slopehill collar not only does as it says it will, but it also has many settings to adjust the amount of current or vibration required to train your dog effectively. I like that it has a light setting, a vibration setting, a setting that simply makes the collar receiver beep when the button is pressed.

What I Like the Most for this Shock Collar

With various strengths ranging from 1 to 100, you can also control the frequency of the vibration and shock options. I like the vibration environment because it gets the dogs’ attention without giving them a painful shock. It is very convenient to adjust the intensity depending on the situation.

I also can customize the strengths and settings so that I can use them on all sizes of dogs, from my 150-pound Doberman pincher to my 30-pound puppy. It’s powerful enough to tame a big-sized dog if necessary but gentle enough for a learning puppy.

Whatever the situation, I highly recommend this shock collar for husky or other dogs of all sizes and breeds. It has an appealing style and appearance and is extremely durable and capable of withstanding violence from even the most ferocious dog.

It’s also easy enough that even a child might figure out how to use it. I like that it comes with two collars and one training receiver for the collar and that the remote is a little larger than a regular remote, so I don’t lose it.

To conclude, this collar is by far the greatest we have ever owned. We will buy this product again and recommend it to friends and family because the consistency and efficacy are outstanding. It is also available at such an affordable price, which is a win-win situation for us!!

Review by David Kozlowski

My next-door neighbour had an unruly dog that suddenly became well-behaved. When I inquired about what they did, they told me that they used one of these for their dog. I have a 50-pound husky that needs some training because he barks excessively at people while he’s outside.

I purchased this shock collar for my beloved husky and am delighted with it for the price. The design and exterior are excellent; it does not feel cheap and seems to be long-lasting.

The collar comes in four modes (LED light, beep, vibration, and shock). I don’t think I’ll use the shock function on my dog because I think the beep and vibration would suffice. Just to make sure, I tried the shock on myself, and it was uncomfortable even at the lowest setting!

One thing to consider is allowing the dog to become accustomed to wearing the collar before beginning the training. This is to teach your dog, not to punish him!

I double-checked everything, and it works flawlessly. For water-loving dogs, it’s also waterproof!

3. Dog Care Dog Training Collar


  1. Provides three effective and secure training modes (beep, vibration, and shock) to teach simple obedience commands to dogs and resolve intractable dog behaviour problems.
  2. The security keypad lock prevents the remote from being misused. Feel free to bear the remote without fear of receiving an unexpected shock.
  3. With only one remote transmitter, the Dogcare Dog Training Collar will train up to nine dogs. If you have more than two dogs, this shock collar would be an excellent option.
  4. Dogcare Dog Training Collar has 1-99 static power that you can adjust. For your dog, you can change the precise static level. This dog training shock collar with a remote is also adjustable in size. Excellent for dogs weighing 15 to 100 pounds.
  5. Training collar with long remote range and battery life for successful dog training.  Wireless control with a range of up to 330 yards. Long battery life ensures that your dog training is successful.

Review by Rosanna Hone

I was hesitant to buy the collar at first, but I’m glad I did. I do wish the remote was a little smaller; handling and guiding a dog at the same time can be cumbersome. I have a 70-pound husky, and this collar has been extremely helpful in controlling and training her, as well as providing positive reinforcement. This shock collar is perfect for my husky so far.

She used to lunge at other dogs, humans, and bikers with full force. She doesn’t have to do anything to knock me down because I’m a short woman.

This collar makes her pause for a moment. The three roles appeal to me. The vibrations have little impact on her, and she will completely disregard them. When there are no other dogs in the park, and I need her to follow me rather than running all over the place, I use the beep beep noise to get her attention. 

Now comes the shocking feature. The rubber covers for the prongs are fantastic. It’s not metal to direct skin contact, which makes me feel relieved. I did put each shock level to the test on my side. I figured it was fair to feel the pain she was inflicting on herself. It unintentionally shocked me on 99 when I turned it on, and it is very intense.

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When I first got it, the manufacturer set it to that standard. It caught me off guard. I discovered how to monitor the levels through the searching process I described earlier. So after feeling 99, I wasn’t as scared to put the collar on my husky, but I definitely felt it all the way down to my knee caps.

I had to shock her; it was a learning experience, and you needed to find a safe “medium.” For her, 25 made her yelp and freak out, while 22 made her concentrate on me without the yelp. The sensation of shock is just an itch under the level of 22.

I was initially opposed to shock collars, but I felt obligated to be a responsible husky owner after rescuing her. I don’t particularly appreciate how she lunges or barks because she does come off as frightening. She is very lovely and I don’t want people to be scared of her. I had to do some reading on how to use the collar correctly using the instructions manual. She isn’t scared of it; in fact, she gets excited when I grab the collar because it means we’re going for a walk. The charge lasts quite a while. I just have it on her when we go for walks, so it’s been almost a month.

Despite some of the difficulties I encountered at first, it receives five stars because it does the job. I’m still a fan of the side lock. It stops the buttons from being accidentally pressed.

Review by Ethel Millwood

I was about to surrender my husky because he was a nightmare, biting and nipping my arms, making it seem as if my husband was beating me, and he just wouldn’t listen.

Our trainer informed me that correcting his habits would cost $4000, which I did not have. I had this shock collar as a last resort to make him listen. After shocking him three times when correcting his habits, and now he’s an angel! I surprised myself first, which gave me confidence in the adjustable settings and the knowledge that I wasn’t really harming him.

This item is fantastic!! The battery life is excellent, the range is fantastic, there are customizable settings, it was delivered easily, and it is simple to use and understand. Thank you so much!

Review by Sandra Phillips

I was searching for the best shock collar for my husky and three other dogs. As a result, I bought this collar and remote device for three of my dogs. I recently adopted a husky as the third dog and had previously bought another collar from Amazon, but that device could only hold two collars. Most of the collars I was considering had a maximum of two collars, and having to operate two remotes would be a hassle.

I’m not sure how I found out that this device could support up to 9 receivers, but it certainly piqued my interest! I have four dogs in total, so knowing that I can bring the fourth on with the other three and just have one remote is fantastic!

As a result, I ordered the remote with a collar, as well as two additional collars. I’m blown away by the product’s features and functionality for the price. So far, I’m really enjoying it! The collars (receivers) are a little larger than those I’ve seen in the past, but they almost look like bow ties to me, and I think they’re cute on my two male dogs!

What I Like

The remote fits comfortably in my small hand, and I appreciate the wrist brace that comes with it; these remotes (in general) are prone to slipping out of my grip, so the strap is handy. It’s pretty simple to turn between collars and types of corrections once you get the hang of the buttons. I really appreciate the fact that the remote has a lock.

The instructions were straightforward and easy to follow, and they were effortless to set up. I made the mistake of charging all of the collars before reading the instructions, which resulted in a couple of collars being set to the same number set, but it was easy to fix.

The long-lasting battery life for each collar and the remote is another function I appreciate. This is hugely beneficial! I know the collars have blinking lights, but with another brand, the lights would get obscured by fur or I wouldn’t see them, and when I went to tone my dog, the collar would be dead.

As a result, I’m very pleased with the battery life shown. The receivers were simple to install and change on the nylon collars.

What I Don’t Like

The only minor problem I’ve found is that there may be a slight delay between pressing the remote button and the tone ringing or the dogs’ response. It hasn’t caused me any problems and usually occurs after they’ve been idle for a while.

I understand these are less expensive, but the quality so far has been excellent, and I’m hoping they will last a long time!

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