Top 9 Best Dog Nail Clippers 2021

Our best dog nail clippers compilation will help you to choose the best one for your beloved dog. Nail clipping or trimming is an essential step in the grooming process for a dog. It is for the best so that we can maintain and improve the dog’s hygiene and health. However, nail trimming can be challenging for some people and prefer the professional groomers to take over for the task.

Some people prefer to do it independently because it is an easy task for them after practicing for quite some time. Besides, it is an excellent way to form a strong bond with your dog during nail clipping. 

Dogs naturally are terrified of the nail clipping process due to no early exposure to that. That is why you should start introducing the nail clippers to them while they are still puppies and show them how it works. 

Getting Your Dog Ready

best dog nail clippers

A dog can be trained for nail clipping averagely in seven days. Your puppy might take a long time, and that is okay. Be patient at the same time, keep your puppy happy by giving them praises and treats accordingly. Be consistent, don’t stop midway through the process. 

Puppy’s paws are a susceptible area, so you might want to start by holding and gently touch the puppy’s paws when you have the time to familiarize your dog with the nail clipping process. 

Step 1: Introduce the nail clipper to the puppy and let him sniff it. Then hold his paw gently and touch it with the nail clipper. Show him how the nail clipper work by squeezing the nail clip without actually clip the nails. Praise the puppy and give some treats as s reward.

Step 2:  Repeat step one on day one until day four. Once your puppy is familiar with the nail clipper, you can start to clip one tiny tip of the nail. Give him praise and treats. Do it gently and slowly. If your puppy does not mind the clipping, you can continue to clip other paw nails.

Step 3: Continue the clipping until the finish. If you noticed your puppy start to fight it, stop the process and continue another day. 

Anatomy of Dog’s Toenail

best dog nail clippers 2021

On the right illustration, you can see the precise anatomy of a dog’s nail. The white color is the nail “bone” with blood vessels surrounding it. Dog nails are not entirely made up of nails, so as you can see, if you clip the nail too close to the paw, bleeding will occur. 

It best to have corn starch with you during clipping dog nails to stop the bleeding. Take a pinch of corn starch and pack it into the nail. It will stop the bleeding; after some time, wipe it with a clean damp cloth.

You can see the location of the blood vessel by using your handphone light. Unclipped nails will usually have a “notch” below the tip; this is the safe area to clip the nail.

Why Must Nail Clipping be Done?

Nail clipping is not an option; it is a must for every owner to make sure your dog’s nail is regularly trimmed. Unclipped nails will become too long and cause severe problems to your dog.

Long nails will curl below the dog’s paw, and the sharp tip will ultimately go into the paw if it is long enough. This situation will hurt the dog when walking and effects how the dog walk. 

Less traction between the paw and floor can cause serious injury when the dog slipped. Dog’s paws are equipped with a unique nervous system to give the information to the brain on the surface and gravity information. Long nails can hinder the accuracy, thus causing your dog to slip or face-planted when going downhill or uphill of a slope.

Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

You can use any nail clipper which you and your dog are comfortable with. It’s recommended to have clotting powder ready if you clip the nail too short and cause bleeding.

If it is your first time clipping dog nails, please ask your vet how to do it. Hands-on training will help boost confidence and make it a bit easier to follow.

Step 1: Hold the paw steady, push your thumb into the toe pad and put your forefinger on the top of the paw. Please ensure your view is not obstructed by the dog’s fur and the nail is clearly seen.

Step 2: Push your thumb to extend the nails for a clearer view. If you are not confident where to clip, take a flashlight and put it under the nail. You will see the pink area where the blood vessels are. Clip above the curve where blood vessels are not present. 

Step 3: Continue step two until all nails are clipped. Proceed with grinders to smooth sharp and rough edges of the nails.

Top 9 Best Dog Nail Clippers 2021

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
 BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and TrimmerManual$$4.5
 gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and TrimmersManual$$4.4
 Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail ClipperManual$4.6
 Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and TrimmerManual$4.5
 Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail TrimmerManual$4.6
 Fur Goodness Sake Dog Nail ClipperManual$$4.5
 HAWATOUR Dog Nail ClippersManual$4.4
 Pawsibility – 2021 Reinvented Pet Nail Clipper with BatteryBattery-powered$$$4.3
 Allstar Innovations PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail ClipperManual with LED Lights$$$3.9

3 Best Dog Nail Clipper Reviews

1. BUSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

best dog nail clippers

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers are perfect for easy and safe nail clipping for your beloved dog. Also, it is suitable for both puppy and adult dog. It is one of the best in the market and has been recommended by professional pet groomers and veterinarians. 

It has over 30,000 reviews on Amazon, and 70% of it gave five-star reviews for the clipper. Truly, that is a lot of reviews and trust for the product. When this article is written, it is voted as the number one dog vb clipper in Amazon. 

This stainless-steel nail clipper is equipped with a safety-stop-blade that significantly reduces the probability of over-cutting your dog’s nail and prevent bleeding. 

“My dog actually let me cut a whole paw of claws at one time which is awesome for him. The mechanism is great and easy for me to use with hands that don’t work as good as I get older. And the little metal piece that blocks you from clipping too much is a game-changer. Wonderful product! Thank you.” Wrote one customer. 

Nail Clipper Features:

  1. Anti-slip Grip: ergonomically designed and easy-grip handles that ensure every cut is accurate and prevent accidentals cuts.
  2. Safe switch: Store your clipper safely with the safety switch activated so the kids will not be able to open it.
  3. Bonus nail file: finish your dog’s nail clipping with some file to ensure the clipped nail is smooth and free from any chips.

2. gonicc Dog’s Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Best dog nail clippers second place

With almost 20,000 reviews on Amazon, gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers is one of the most popular dog nail clippers on Amazon. It came in light blue color or black and equipped with a safety stop and safety lock.

The hardened stainless steel blade sharpness is claimed to last at least one year without sharpening. The clipper’s handle is made from Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which is the best material for a firm grip. It is smooth to hold yet very firm on your hand. 

“Amazing product! These clippers’ quality far exceeds what I expected, extremely sharp, and feels very strong in your hand. One quick motion gets the job done. My dog does not enjoy getting her nails clipped at all. It’s hard to keep her still; with the stopper, I never have to worry about her fidgeting and me accidentally cutting too short. I wish I got this seven years ago!!” Raved one satisfied customer. 

It is perfect for home groomers and very easy to handle. Most of the reviewers are very satisfied with the nail clipper as they can use it single-handed and very sharp.

3. Epica Pet Nail Clipper

Best dog nail clippers third place

It has more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon, and 8,000 gave five stars to the product. Epica Pet Nail Clipper is one of the best sellers in Amazon in the nail clipper category.

Nail Clipper Features:

  1. Semi-circular blade: It is the best feature that many pet owners like. A circular blade makes it easy to put the nail and lock it into position not to slip when cutting.
  2. Light squeeze: The spring that they use for this nail clipper is fantastic. It is not so hard and easy to squeeze to clip the nail. 
  3. Safety lock: It is also equipped with a safety lock to ensure you can safely store around kids.
  4. Rubber Coated Handle: It is very comfortable, secure, and anti-slip so that you can clip with confidence.
  5. Suitable for small and big dogs

“Our basset-labrador has very thick nails. We struggled for years with guillotine-type trimmers, which sometimes crushed the claw and distressed the dog. These bypass trimmers are far superior, making a clean, smooth cut quickly and with surprisingly little effort. I’d say these would be hard to beat for the price. I think they’ll last a long time.” said one reviewer.

Dog Nail Clipper Maintenance

After some time, your dog nail clipper might lose its sharpness and make clipping difficult and resulting in chipping nails. It is best to disassemble the clipper and sharpen one blade at a time with a sharpening stone. 

It is an excellent practice to always wipe your dog’s nail clipper blade with some damp cloth and paper towel to keep it clean. 

If you notice it is hard to squeeze, apply some oil to the joint, and you are good to go.

Store your dog nail clipper in a safe area and ensure you always activate the safety lock.

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