Best Dog Food for Pugs in 2021

High-quality animal proteins and vitamin-enriched superfoods ensure that your furry friend gets a tasty and nutritious meal. The criteria for the best dog food for pugs should have:

  1. A calorie-reduced diet is ideal for pugs of all sizes.
  2. The formula is free of artificial additives such as maize, wheat and soy and is, therefore, the best dog food option for pugs with allergies and other skin diseases. This breed-specific pug dog food uses essential nutrients to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent allergies, which means that it will satisfy your pug skin, coat and health concerns.
  3. It also promotes a healthy weight, which is vital for pugs before they become overweight.
  4. It is made from high-quality animal proteins that help pugs keep their lean muscle mass to boost their metabolism.
  5. It is also supplemented with probiotics and chelated minerals and contains a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. It also contains probiotic substances from species-specific strains that help with digestion.
  7. Low-fat pug food can help prevent weight gain for pugs that are not active because of age, injury or disease.
  8. It also contains essential nutrients to support the health of your pugs, such as DHA, ARA (brain and vision development), calcium, phosphorus and bone health.

Best Dog Food for Pugs Reviews

1. Royal Canin Pug Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

Key Ingredients

Calories per serving cup315 kCals
Other ingredientsFish oil, chicken by-product

Pug Royal Canin Adult dry dog food is a specially formulated feed for your purebred Pug. This exclusive Pug-specific diet is specially made for them, with the nutrients they need to thrive. The custom kibble is made to fit your Pug’s short, square muzzle, making it simple to pick up and chew. Fish oil contains essential nutrients, including EPA and DHA, which help to nourish healthy skin and coat. Precision protein levels and the addition of L-carnitine aid in the maintenance of your Pug’s muscular body. In addition, the best dog food for pugs aids in weight control, ensuring that your rambunctious Pug maintains a good weight.

Review by Melvin Allen

We have two dogs: a friendly little pug and an Olde English bulldog. Both dogs eat Royal Canin food specifically for each breed. Before this, we were on Blue Buffalo, which both dogs enjoyed. Our veterinarian inquired as to why we selected that particular brand. “Well, they seemed to be the best choice at the time, and it was natural and so on” “Yes, they have a successful marketing strategy,” she responded, “but I have a big concern with how they prepare their food.”

She said that Blue Buffalo company gets its kibbles and bits from various sources and that there is too much space for errors. She suggested moving to Royal Canin (she had no stake in the outcome because we don’t buy or sell food from her). But that’s what we did. The dogs’ coats are now polished, their feces are sturdy and compact, and they seem to be content.

I’ll be honest, and I don’t think my Pug cares all that much about the flavour. To put it another way, he won’t feed until he’s starving. He’ll eat some portion of it and finish the food when he is hungry, just like a cat.

We’re sticking with Royal Canin because of our veterinarian’s recommendation. The fact that my Pug has been consuming this for over a year without any health issues or allergies. There is a significant improvement in dog poops size and texture, which makes me happy.

Review by Gertrude Lee

We have a one-year-old pug, and I am really conscious of diet because pugs are prone to obesity. When I first saw this stuff, I thought it was just a “fad,” but we decided to try it after reading the ingredients! This stuff is simply delicious for our dog, and I believe it is nutritious and properly balanced.

The caloric content for this dog food is almost the same as other brands that aren’t explicitly designed for this breed, but it may be just absorbed differently. Our vet advises us that we feed him a quarter cup twice a day, which is significantly less than the bag’s recommendation, but he seems to be doing well. I would strongly advise any pug owner to try this food.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Small Breed Dogs

Key Ingredients

Calories per serving cup371 kCal
Other ingredientsOmega-3, Omega-6, antioxidant

This best dog food for pugs is made for easy to digest ingredients and specially formulated for a small dog’s stomach. The small kibble is small enough for a small dog’s mouth and contains high-quality protein to help maintain lean muscle mass and healthful omega 6s and vitamin E to encourage healthy skin and coat. This dog food specialized for small breed dog contains a patented antioxidant blend to help your tiny dog’s immune system and foster lifelong wellness for your beloved small breed dog. Hill’s Science only uses premium ingredients, such as real chicken, beef, or salmon protein. They also contain no artificial colours, spices, preservatives, or chicken by-product meal.

Review by Cindy Rainbolt

This food is a favourite of my two Pugs. My two-year-old Pug is so picky on food, has a sensitive stomach, and gets itchy on occasion. I’ve tried a variety of dog food brands with him over the years. He’d turn his nose up at almost half of them and need to trick with dog treats to eat the rest, or his stomach will revolt.

My dogs were on a grain-free diet before my vet recently informed me that certain breeds are developing dilated cardiomyopathy, which has been attributed to grain-free diets in studies. I decided to give Hill’s Science a shot, and I’m glad I did. This dog food lives up to the hype and is well worth the money.

When I first introduced this brand to my picky eater, he ate it right away. He no longer has any problems eating his dog food! This hasn’t upset his stomach in the least, and after just a month, he seems to be much less itchy. I would strongly recommend it if you have a pug and give it a try!

Review By Tracy Rodrigues

The breeder included some dog food when we picked up our Pug from the breeder. (I’m not going to say which brand!) Our pug use potty pads instead of going outside to relieve themselves.

Their faeces smelled so terrible because of the previous dog food that I got from the breeder! It was revolting. We switched their food to Hill’s Science dog food, which reduces odour and reduces the number of faeces produced compared to the other dog food.

We’ve switched to adult formula for them. They adore it, and we are happy with it.

Review by Charla Webb

 I have a 3-year-old Pug who is always looking for leftover crumbs, and it’s driving me nuts. Her former owners just fed her human food, not dog food. As a result, it’s been challenging to find food that she enjoys. I found she didn’t like the previous brand of dog food I purchased for her.

I bought Hill’s Science dog food and put a handful as a trial on the ground in front of her, and she devoured it in no time. Then, I put another half cup in her bowl, and she ate it all, so I gave her some more. In a few days, my Pug is like other dogs and eats her food without any problem.

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Now I’m in disbelief and kicking myself for not noticing that she didn’t like her previous foods. She would continue to eat it, but she would never finish her food. Now, every time I put about 1 cup in the bowl, she will finish all the food in one go.

3. Nutro Natural Choice for Small & Toy Breeds

Key Ingredients

Calories per serving cup320 kCal
Other ingredientsSplit peas, chia seed, fish oil

This dry food, designed for small breed dogs aged one and up, contains essential antioxidants to support your senior dog’s ageing immune system. It contains calcium, which helps develop solid bones and joints and natural fibre, which aids digestion. This unique chicken and brown rice recipe begins with a protein-rich source as the main ingredient and is made with actual, identifiable ingredients obtained from reputable farmers and suppliers as part of the NUTRO philosophy. It also contains no chicken by-product feed, corn, wheat, or soy and is made with non-GMO ingredients make it one of the best dog food for pugs. So now you can feel good when feeding your dog nutrient-dense, flavour-packed meals.

Review by Jeffrey Maldonado

This food is a big favorite with my Pug! Since I got her as a puppy, I’ve been feeding her Nutro’s food and excluding her from the food her previous owners provided her. My dog’s wellbeing has been praised by my veterinarian several times over the years.

This food helps her maintain her weight, which is about 18 pounds. Since she has tiny teeth, the small breed adult food is ideal for her. She’d tried the little bites, but she seemed to find it more challenging to feed. She has no tartar and good gums for her age, which still impresses the vet.

Most notably, the minimal ingredients have significantly reduced her gas output compared to other foods. I genuinely have no concerns, but I wish there were more flavor options for the small breed than chicken. She’s been eating it for years and enjoys it, so I’m not sure why I’d ruin anything so lovely!

Review by Daniel Roderick

For my dog, I had trial and error with a few different brands, some of which were much more costly, some of which ‘seemed’ to be healthier or organic. My dog would examine the food, smell it, and then proceed to walk away. I experimented with squash, actual chicken meat, meal mixers, organic chicken broth, and other ingredients. He would simply take out the dog food and place it on the floor next to his dish, eating only his wanted mix-ins.

I took him to the vet, who said he was a bit too lean even though he was otherwise well. So, after some online research on dog food for Pug, I came across Nutro.

It seemed to be made with high-quality ingredients, which was vital to me, and it received positive feedback from other pet parents.

I started him on just wet food (which he loved), but I wanted him to get the benefits of eating dry food, so I mixed the wet and dry food he loved. One day, the wet food had run out and was left with only dry food. I expected he’d sniff it and then walk away but he ate the dry food with ease, much to my surprise!

For the past one month, he has been consuming regular Nutro kibble without mixing any wet ingredients daily. I’m happy because I enjoy seeing him smile. Nutro is much cheaper than other premium food brands dog, which allows us to save more money on our dog’s toys.

The vet was so impressed with his weight increment, shiny coat, and clean teeth during his last visit to the vet. Give Nutro a try if you have a picky eater on your hands!

4. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

Key Ingredients

Calories per serving cup408 kCals
Other ingredientsSpinach, flaxseed, blueberries

Our next best dog food for pugs contain high-quality proteins and nutritious grains are perfectly balanced to provide a complete diet rich in nutrients specifically for your Pug to grow healthy. There are no meat by-products, fillers, or chemical preservatives in this food. Antioxidant-rich ingredients help healthy immune systems, balanced nutrients promote optimum energy, and assured Omega Fatty Acid levels promote healthy skin and coat. Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine are beneficial to a healthy heart.

Review by Pat Love

Milo, our Pug, has been eating this for around two years.  His weight has remained constant at 15 pounds throughout his adult life. That is, of course, given the fact that we do not offer him table food. Raw vegetables are the only food he ever receives as people food, and he goes nut whenever I need to cook.

We offer him tiny bits of several different types of vegetables two or three times a week, as well as chicken breast on occasion. Aside from that, it’s all about this Wellness Full. The staff at the pet shop had asked if they could assist us when we were walking the aisles. When I’ve mentioned that I’m thinking about moving to another brand, that after all these years, maybe it’s time, perhaps I can do better, they’ve always assured me that this is one of the best.

They’d be stepping back on a lot of what they offer. This is also something that my veterinarian endorses.  This is high-quality dog food, in my opinion. By the way, I do sometimes give him Wellness small breed wet food as a treat/variety.

Review by Mable Zavala

Since it contains grains, I moved my dog food from Wellness Core to Wellness Complete Health. Because of the recent controversy surrounding grain-free food and several confirmed cases of dogs being ill or dying due to eating it, my veterinarian told me not to feed grain-free food to my dog.

Because of the ingredient list and my previous experiences with their food, I trust Wellness. Also, when flipping between various flavours and recipes, my dog has never gotten sick from their food. It also has a pleasant odour, as lovely as dog food can be. I’ve always found that the bags’ expiration dates are a year or more from the time I purchase them, which is fantastic. Since my dog is a small 13-pound Pug, a 12-pound bag lasts him about three to four months.

The food is bite-sized, in the form of tiny triangles. The ingredients were what drew me to the Wellness line in the first place. Examine the ingredient list and protein percentages, among other things. Compare it to other well-known brands, including Iams, Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, etc. You’ll notice that there are ingredients you can pronounce and even foods you’d consume yourself, such as blueberries, broccoli, kale, apples, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. I believe it is important to provide my dog with nutritious food and ingredients that appeal to me.

5. Purina Beneful Incredibites With Farm-Raised Chicken

Key Ingredients

Calories per serving cup368 kCal
Other ingredients 

With no added sugar, each kibble has sweet potato and spinach accents. This best dog food for pugs is made with ingredients from the farm and fields and contains no artificial flavours or preservatives. The nutritious-packed recipe formula is designed specifically for small breed dogs, assisting in their higher metabolism. Each cup contains 28 grammes of protein, which will aid in the maintenance of your small dog’s powerful muscles. The kibble mini sizes are also the perfect size for his little mouth. Calcium is also provided to your tiny dog to aid in the development of healthy teeth and bones.

Review by James Willaims

My 4-year-old Pug has been eating the same dog food since she was a puppy and is in good health. Purina was highly recommended by Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine because it has been thoroughly tested and proved to be the best dog food on the market today.

The tiny bite-sized pieces are perfect with my Pug. The little bites are ideal for fast eating, and she adores the aroma and flavour. Mealtime is such an exciting time for my baby! This is our brand of choice!

Review by Christopher Covert

My dog is an unusually picky eater for a rescue dog. I imagine he’d happily eat something, but have I spoiled him? Anyway, when we adopted him, the shelter gave us a bag of Purina dog food, which is the only dog food brand they give to all the dogs.

He was always picky, so I had to sneak in some steamed chicken bits to get him to eat it. I wanted to try other brands in the hopes of finding one that he can eat dry. Purina is the only brand that he’ll “kind of” consume, so I ended up going back to it. He would not eat, spit out, or even vomit the others. Purina comes highly recommended by veterinarians, including ours, so I’m going to stick with Purina.

Pugs Food Allergy Overview

Dog food allergies are one of the most common allergies, which is known to affect dogs.

A food allergy commonly occurs when your dog’s immune system identifies a particular food ingredient or protein source as potentially harmful. Your dog’s body forms defense antibodies against the food. If a dog has difficulty digesting specific components such as dairy products, a food allergy can trigger an immune response.     

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A food allergy in dogs can be severe and cause digestive problems (vomiting, diarrhoea, skin problems) and behavioural problems. Preventing food allergies is almost impossible, and dogs tend to develop them.

As a result, the tendency to develop food allergies may be genetic – in which case we should avoid breeding dogs with food allergies.

If you have reason to believe your baby has food problems, it is high time to find the best dog food for pugs with an allergy to ensure their health and safety. Pugs are not allergic to fish or chickens. However, there are certain times when pugs can develop specific allergies to these foods.

What Cause Food Allergy for Pugs?

Food sensitivities are genuine allergies that do not involve an immune response but rather a gradual reaction to the harmful ingredients in your dog food, such as corn, wheat, soy and milk. Food allergies tend to cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea but also signs such as itchy skin. Dogs do not suffer from extreme versions of food allergies, and they do not collapse during severe episodes of shortness of breath.  

What is the Best Method to Treat Food Allergies?

The best way to diagnose and treat a food allergy is to work with your veterinarian to treat your dog’s symptoms and find ingredients that cause the reaction. The most obvious and alarming type of allergy in dogs is an acute allergic reaction. If your dog scratches, bites or licks its skin, it runs the risk of exposing its skin to bacterial infections that may require further treatment.

Hypoallergenic dog food is prescribed by veterinarians but can also be ordered directly from the pet owner.

You don’t need to use any of the above products on your Pug if he or she has an allergy or sensitivity problem. Pug is not allergic when eating chicken, fish, whole grains and low glycemic foods. However, you can control him or her by eliminating the foods that trigger allergies.   

I hope this article can help you to save time choosing the best dog food for pugs that suits your beloved dogs.

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